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Leather & Latex Care

Leather & Latex Care
Brand: Daedalus Publishing
Product Code: 9781881943006
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Leather and latex clothing has become quite popular in recent years. Both the mainstream fashion industry and alternative sexual subcultures have propelled leather and latex wear to unprecedented popularity. But these materials require special care if they are to maintain their beauty. This concise, easy-to-read book by Kelley J. Thibault gives the reader all they need to know to keep their leather and latex items in top shape. While clothing is the focus of this book, tips are also given to those using leather and latex items in their erotic play. This book is a must-have for anyone investing in leather or latex items

About The Author

  • Kelley J. Thibault was born and raised in a small town in Montana to parents of "good peasant stock". Some of his earliest and fondest memories are of times he spent at his fathers shoe repair shop. He left home to attend college and now holds his M.S. in biological sciences with an emphasis in molecular genetics, useful for his current career in the biotechnology industry. Mr. Thibault is well known in the leather and SM communities. He held the title of Mr. Orange Coast Drummer '91, was the author of The Leather Rap, a newspaper column covering leather community news and events, was founder of the leather/SM educational group Orange Coast Leather Assembly, and was also the founder of SandMen, a leather/SM educational and social organization. He has also lectured and presented workshops of a variety of leather/SM related topics at universities, conferences, community events and organization meetings.

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