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*IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr

*IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr
*IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr *IN-STOCK* P.E.S. Stanley Jr
Brand: Paradise Electro Stimulations, Inc
Product Code: PES035
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In response to the demand for a quad pole Electrode that isn't just for size queens; and one of the most recent additions to the P.E.S. Acrylic Line; Paradise Electro Stimulations has created a second quadruple pole Electrode: Stanley Junior; for those that want to experience quad pole stimulation but aren't up to the size offered by Stanley.

Please Note: If you do not already have the Original P.E.S. Power Box or two of the P.E.S. Power Box XS, you will need at least one pair of Low Profile Leads (one pair connects two single pole Electrodes or one double pole Electrode) or a pair of the P.E.S. Pin to Pinch Adapters.

The Umbilical Cord, two pairs of P.E.S. Low Profile Leads or two pairs of Pin to Pinch Adapters are needed if you are going to use this product with a different power source than the P.E.S. Power Boxes.

Stanley Junior Instruction Flyer Page 1 PDF

Stanley Junior Instruction Flyer Page 2 PDF

A quadruple pole Electrode, like Stanley, he is only 1 3/4" at his widest point compared to Stanley's 2 1/2" maximum diameter. Junior is 6" long and 1 3/16" at his narrowest point.

Like Stanley, Junior has four conductive surfaces: two at 5 1/2" long and two at 3 3/4 " long. Imagine the possibilities!

Stanley Junior also our updated the low profile connection points on it to an aluminum version with a post that is then mounted on the plug via drilled holes in the base to provide a more secure connection point.

Not only can you vary your stimulation based on how many poles you use but also by what lengths are combined. Try this Electrode with two P.E.S. Power Boxes and see what kind of Erotic Electro Stimulation (E.E.S.) you experience. It can be used as either an anal Electrode or a vaginal Electrode, thus adding to its versatility.

The P.E.S. Umbilical Cord was designed for an Electrode like this!!

Like the Acrylic Anal Plugs, Stanley Junior can create that in-and-out 'ghost fucking' sensation unique to electro stimulation, and because of his four contact points, Junior can also offer a lot of variation on that sensation. When using all four points of contact, there is almost a push-pull feeling created by the competing circuits. Using two power boxes, you could create a non-stop feeling of in-and-out penetration with just this one Electrode!

Like all P.E.S. Electrodes, Stanley Junior requires at least one of the P.E.S. Power Box XS but would work better with two or the Original P.E.S. Power Box in order to function, and is open to extensive experimentation with regards to how you wish to configure it. The P.E.S. Umbilical Cord, P.E.S. Low Profile Leads or P.E.S. Pin Wire to Low Profile Pinch Adapters are sold separately for those who already have a power source.

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